About us
Three things we are NOT

We don’t like to overcomplicate things

Whatever we do, we do it clearly, effectively, and accurately. Our costs are always fair and transparent.

We never lose our passion

We have been loving what we do for 20 years.

We don’t improvise

We can rely on one of the highest percentages of highly qualified personnel.
What we believe in

We believe in ourselves and the companies we work with. We provide all the professional support you need to turn your projects into reality and help you handle even the most complex issues without any worries.

With us, experience goes hand-in-hand with enthusiasm, service with trust, and words always translate into facts.

20 years of passion

This year, we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary. An important milestone achieved through fruitful collaboration with Swiss and international companies.

We have grown a lot in these 20 years but the enthusiasm is always the same as in the 1980s, when Jvan Bontognali and Corrado Vospino started to collaborate. A collaboration that culminated in P&B in 1999.

Since then, Jvan and Corrado have managed to grow the company with the addition of new professional figures and new clients from different fields.

Our clients’ stories are our company’s stories and it’s thanks to them that we keep growing and evolving.

A close-knit team

We have been supporting our clients with a synergistic team for 20 years now, providing the best competencies to deal with every aspect with an effective strategic vision.

Jvan Bontognali

Account & Tax Department
A trustee and real estate accountant since 1994 – finance and accounting specialist since 1994 – head of the corporate and tax consulting department.

Corrado Vospino

A trustee accountant since 2003 – finance and accounting specialist since 2003 – head of the HR consulting department.

Marco Liuzzi

Account & Tax Department
Finance and accounting specialist since 2018, he obtained his qualification with the highest average of that year in the Canton of Ticino – head of the administration and accounting department and consultant.

Jonas Karpf

Qualified commercial employee
In training to obtain the certificate of specialist in finance and accounting.

Eleonora Cannizzo

Assistant to the Management
Qualified commercial employee.

Sofia Ragona

Assistant to the Management
Qualified commercial employee.